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Travel plan in Mediterranean Sea

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Hi everybody, I'm organising a trip on a sail boat with few friends and I was wondering if anybody have experienced to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Greece/Italy/Croatia or so.... to Africa and back, how long it might take? And any other useful tips are welcomed..


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Iv'e zigged and zagged across most of it.
As a rule say 120 nms per day.
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Thank you all, the idea/challenge was to cross the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore we are free to choose the best starting point from Europe to get to N.Africa and back.
Also is there any particular seasons to avoid?(weather etc...)
Yes, avoid cold weather, winter, storms, machine guns, illegal immigrants.

There are no safe countries in North Africa. Tunisia last night had an ISIS attack.

Tunisia militants kill four police in checkpoint attack
TUNIS Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:11am EST
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