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Travel plan in Mediterranean Sea

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Hi everybody, I'm organising a trip on a sail boat with few friends and I was wondering if anybody have experienced to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Greece/Italy/Croatia or so.... to Africa and back, how long it might take? And any other useful tips are welcomed..


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Well i can only tell you what we did last summer. We left Port Yasmine Hammamet Tunisia and sailed to Sardinia, over to Rome, down to Messina Straits, across to Albania, up to Montenegro and on to Croatia, over to Venice, down the eastern Italian coast to Sciliy and over to Malta and back to Tunisia via Lampedusa and it took 6 months.

If all you are going to do is sail and see nothing then depends on weather and miles you can make a day. If you want to see things then it will take a while. You can probably only really be underway from May to Oct.

What do you want to do? That is the real question? If you want to experience the Med it will take more than a couple of months. We are in year 3.

By the way this coming summer we are leaving Tunisia and head to Sciliy, Albania, Greece and end up in Turkey for the winter.

And do not forget that there are 2 winds in the Med, too much and too little so you will be motoring a bit.
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Sailing to/from Africa to/from Europe/Asia Minor might take 12 hours to 3-4 days. The distances do vary. Although there are some interesting places to visit, I would rather keep away from Africa. Bahsis, bribery, theft, gun assults are very common in some of the countries. You should better visit the northern part of the Mediteranean.
Disagree with the North Africa. This is our 2nd winter in Tunisia and there is no theft, graft, gun assults, ect here. The same for Morocco. But of course Libya is a bit of a mess and probably should be avoided and Algeria may be a bit iffy but may be doable. We have friends now in Egypt. No issues.

We feel safer here than in Miami Florida.
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Yes, avoid cold weather, winter, storms, machine guns, illegal immigrants.

There are no safe countries in North Africa. Tunisia last night had an ISIS attack.

The winter is not very sailable. Probably good sailing from May 1 to Nov 1.

As for Tunisia the bad guys did attack a police in the mountains far to the west and on the Libya border. Had the same issue last year. We traveled close to that region last year just after a similar issue. The army hunted down the bad guys and dispatched them.

A lot safer than Trinidad where we could not leave the marina at night and they had 1 killing a night and when my son who is a usmc and i went to port a prince in the daytime were warned by shop owners to be very careful as it was dangerous, or Guatemala City where the people made sure we never left the zone the embassys were in as any time of day or night there were drive by shoots, or Philadelphia where i had worked and had to go into an industrial section that was extemely dangerous, or east st louis where i was doing a consulting job and got locked into the hotel at night or - i can continue this for a long time. by the way the police also got rid of several bad guys the other day as they have no tolerance for them or gangs unlike some countries.
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