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I'm putting the traveler back on my Yankee 30. The clam cleats (see pictures) sit on a piece (pieces?) of wood. The cleats are fastened to the wood with two vertical machine bolts (you can see the acorn nuts on top). One (the inside one) is a through-bolt, with nuts top and bottom. The other bolt has a acorn nut fastened on top, but it threads to something embedded in the wood (nut, epoxy?). I can't thread one of these bolts for some reason (doesn't grab anything). Any ideas? I think the wooden piece consists of two pieced stacked and screwed (maybe glued) together (you can see the joint). I'd like to avoid taking them apart, as I suspect I would destroy them. The bolt is question is about 3" long, so I think the anchor is well below the joint. Also, I'm curious about the constriction of the two towers on each end. The stainless plates on the outside of the towers are secured with four machine screws (one of which is spinning) which thread directly into the towers Do you think these towers are solid fiberglass, and what would the internal fastener be (nuts, epoxy?) I'll try to get pictures that show the first issue better and update tomorrow.


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