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Thanks to my friends on Sailnet, I have determine that I CAN cruise the Bahamas with 8' draft, if I'm careful. Now I need to figure out the best passage from the West End to Great Guana Cay. Looks like some great refreshment establishments there. Should I sail north from the West End and east to Abaco Isl or southerly past Freeport and around?
Going over the top seems a no-brainer, to me - it's a much more pleasant route, with far many more options...

Fair warning, I'm sure the following opinion will be in the minority, here... :)

But if I was gonna head to the Bahamas with an 8' draft, the Abacos or the Berrys would probably be about the LAST places I'd want to go... Sure, they can be done, but you're really gonna be limited...

In addition, I've always found the Abacos to be one of the least appealing parts of the Bahamas... No question, it's still very nice there, but that area never quite seems like the REAL Bahamas, to me... In many respects, I find the Abacos to be more like parts of the Florida Keys, than much of the rest of the Bahamas...

However, if "great refreshment establishments" and so on are your thing, I'm sure you'll do fine there. It's a more social scene around there, to be sure... I simply think the Bahamas have so much more to offer than that, if you manage to put a bit more distance between yourself and the rest of the "Madding Crowd"...


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