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Trident 35 Information needed

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Hello and good day everyone. I am in need of any information about a Trident Marine Warrior 35. No one seems to know much about this boat built overseas. I am unable to find this boat in NADA or the BUC books. I appreciate anything you may have.

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Try a search on for "Trident Marine" "warrior 35". I looked at a couple of the sites returned (mostly current owners) and they give rave reports about this boat E.g. "Designed by Angus Primrose, they are regarded as safe, reliable and steady passage makers. Time has proved the design to be one of the best ocean going yachts available." I also saw a note that said they were available as "part built - ready for home completion"

The Warrior 35 was built by Trident Marine in the UK. I think it is no longer in production. Trident''s mainstay is the Warrior 40MkIIa and a deck saloon version called Voyager 40. They also build the Scanyacht 290, a long keel wheelhouse cruiser. The 35 was a popular yacht and second hand models are from time to time available. eg 1979 35s are selling for 30 to 35000 gbp. See Yachting Monthly. Trident Marine can be contacted at:
Cranleigh Road,
Hampshire PO16 9DR.
Tel. 44(0)1329 231456
e-mail: [email protected]
Paul Burns is the contact at Trident Marine who can provide vessels at various stages of build.
Hope this helps. Best wishes, Ron Riley
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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