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trimaran sailing-Barnegat Bay NJ

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Looking for crew - F27 - Retired but still love to sail. Out of Forked River, NJ
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I mentioned this posting to my wife this weekend. We are interested. My, and my wife''s, sailing experience has been limited to day sailing a dinky and a J22. We''d like the opportunity to spend a day on a different boat and I think we''re good enough company. We''re not really in the "retired" age bracket though. This is our second season sailing the j22 in barnegat bay. Let us know...we''ll get in touch.
Ahoy! I have a 32' Cheoy Lee in the Snug Harbor section of Toms River. Can't sail alone and can't seem to hook up with crew for day sailing around Barnegat Bay. Maybe having lunch at Tices Shoal on a nice Fall day?? You and your wife sound like could be a good fit. The boat is perfect size for three sailors. I'm a 60 year-old married female. (husband hates sailing, if you can imagine that!)

Those posts go back to 2001 !

But the good news is that perhaps my wife and I could join you sometime...

I'm a Hobie sailor from Ocean City, and somewhat familiar with BB. I took ASA classes at Nelson's in Island Heights.
Cool, my boat's at Nelson's now....coming to my dock in Snug Harbor on Monday. I just want to get some sailing time before the season ends! The boat's not ready for long journey. Let's try for some day sailing on weekends. Laine
Welcome to sailnet Laine!
Yes, indeed! Welcome Laine!

I've got your number and will try to call this weekend.

BTW, you may want to delete your number from your post, lest a spambot get it!
Can't quite figure out how to delete the phone number. However it's a business line that I very seldom actually answer! Hahahaha. Please DO call and leave a message. I'm launching boat this weekend, but will definitely call you back. Maybe test run next weekend? I REALLY welcome some like-minded crew members. LAINE
Lanie, you can edit your post. click on. edit button
P.S. think I managed to delete number. Don't want those "spambots" LOL
Thanks DENISE!!
Very welcome! :2 boat:
I work/live in Island Heights on Mondays and Tuesdays and have a place for my wife and I on Barnegat Bay on weekends. We're interested in crewing when the weather gets warm. Sold my 36' sailboat a year ago.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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