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Amazingly tough boats, indeed. I joined a Triton partnership 11 years ago as a "sweat equity" partner for hull #512, Astarte. Like Jason, over those years recoring and repainting the foredeck and cabin top, refairing and repainting the hull after blister repair (yes, even 40 yr old boats got them) with barrier coat and ablative bottom paint, combined with new running rigging (all controls to cockpit), new sails and a boom vang added close to 2 knots of boat speed.We decided to keep the original Atomic 4 gasoline engine, and after a very intense cleaning, flushing and rebuilding fuel, oil, water pumps, and carburetor, new plugs and wires along with installation of an electronic ignition system, she runs like a dream. Posted some photos of the "new" old boat.

Dennis (still with Astarte, but now single owner of Unicorn, a Cavalier 36 sloop. That's another forum in and of its own!)

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