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Trying to Video with Kite

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This upcoming weekend there is a long race with 'supposed' great winds.
I would love to try to video some ( all ) of the race using a kite.. any ideas????

Also, i thought about mounting a bracket on the stern rail to capture the 'effect' of heeling.

Any ideas on where I can get a kite that could lift a small video camera?
Also, what camera would be good enough to use????

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Should be easy enough to do with a box kite, maybe with a diamond too, but most of the other types dance around too much and I can't imagine how you could keep the camera aimed at your subject with them. Box kite can lift a fairly good sized payload for its size, whatever its size is, and it also flies very steady. Another feature of the box kite is that it is, after all, a box, so it seems like getting the setup to work would simply be a matter of finding a way to secure your camera and then trial and error until it is aimed and focused right. About as difficult as securing a camera inside of any kind of box and aiming it right, which is much easier than trying to figure out how to secure a camera to a diamond shaped kite I'm sure.
Thinking about this more its probably even easier to make a bracket and hang the camera from the string somehow.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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