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They always look unsatisfied at their bribe. I call it the Egyptian Pout and try to take the bribe back. That changes their mind.

How unfortunate that Tunisia is the same! And 60€ per night is not cheap!

The marina looks run down in your photos also a pity

The BS when you were trying to leave was for the 'big' bribe. If they can arrest you, or threaten you and you think they may be right then the bribe escalates out of this world.

Yours is a great report and photos, thank you very much for it.

I have no doubt as to your reason for leaving on the first day after taking all

that time to clear in... There was nothing compelling to keep you!

What were the shoreside activities? Restaurants? Shopping? Lomg term rates?

Thanks for your report :)
This is our second winter in Hammamet Port Yasmine and we love it. The marina is well kept, the water is absolutely the cleanest in any marina we have ever visited allowing us to get an additional year out of our bottom paint. People who run the marina and work here could not be better. Yea the police can be an issue on a gift when you check in and last year we gave the a carton of cigarettes and this year we caught 3 tuna on the away over and gave 2 of them to the police and they were very happy as we were as we are so tired of tuna.
The docks are all floating.
The food is plentiful and inexpensive. Medical and dental is first class and inexpensive.
It is incredibly safe and we feel safer here than any port in the USA.
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