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Hi All,

We're headed to the Turk's and Caicos, and are wondering what to expect. Anybody like to share their experiences?

Cost of checking in? Best places to visit? Suggested itinerary, including suggested length of stay?

We're in route from the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic, probably Luperon.


Mark & Rachelle

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Hi Mark & Rochelle!
Cost is very low to check in and if you are going to be there less than a week it is almost nothing as I recall. Over a week is $75 bucks. Noonsite has all the details on POE's and regulations here:

The "main" harbor is in Provo at Turtle COVE marina. Approach is VERY tricky and suggest you let them send a boat out to guide you in. This is free but tips are expected. Once are then central to everything with lots of good restaurants and top quality provisioning available. Very different than the Exumas which I presume is where you are. South of Provo is Sapodilla Bay Where you can anchor and also get hauled...but it is a long and expensive cab ride to anywhere. There is not much to see except if you want to go diving but it is the last stop of "civilization" and good provisiong and a travel lift until you get to Puerto Rico.
If you want to explore the less inhabited parts of T&C then I would suggest you get a copy of Pavlidas' NEW southern Bahamas guide which includes his old T&C guide. There is LOTS of coral an Pavlidas is the ONLY place I know with charts and waypoints you can trust because he did the surveying himself.
You will be hard on the wind and close hauled to the DR. There is a new DR guide for free on line here:

Others will disagree...but we hated Luperon. Dirty, unsanitary, corrupt and lots of petty thievery. Beautiful hikes in the hills. Cheap beer. DO NOT go swimming on the waterfall tours!! Now there is another choice as a GREAT new marina is open in Puerto Plata. Caribbean Yachting Destination, Ocean World Marina & Casino - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Provisioning and services are also much better in Puerto Plata.

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable passage.
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