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You could attach floatation to the mast, but, that isn't necessary if you learn how to recover from this situation. First, after you get capsized, make sure everyone is OK if you had passengers. If the mast is still floating on the water, make your way around to the centerboard, and hang from it. Watch that the hull doesn't bang you on the head as it comes upright. If it is turtle, you will need to gather yourself for one good effort to reach the centerboard (if you have a way to keep the centerboard from sliding back into the hull, would be good to rig b/f you capsize). Use the bouyancy of your lifejacket to help shoot yourself out of the water. Go under just a little deeper, then with your legs kick as hard as you can, while reaching for the centerboard. If you don't get it on the first try, REST. Each try will get weaker. After you grab the centerboard and are on top, stand up and lean out from the centerboard, holding the very tip. You don't need to muscle it much at this point. Be patient. It will slowly start to tip. Again, at it comes upright, don't let the hull bang you in the head. Some really agile dinghy sailors, climb over the gunnel as the boat comes up, and never get wet. Anyway, this is all part of the game.
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