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So I took my 13' Pirateer out in 12 to 15 knot winds the other day. This would be my 5th time to sail. Was a lot of fun, until I decided that gybing would be an ok thing to do, how bad could it be? Wow, I didn't know a sailboat could get knocked over that quickly, tossed me to the low side of the boat so quickly and then I couldn't try to use my weight to prevent the tip. So over it goes. So I am in the water amongst the lines and boom and look around and see my cellphone in it's nice little waterproof container, I reach for it and then notice that the boat is STILL rolling over. I panic a little and decide that I don't want to end up trapped under it with my legs tangles in the jib lines etc, so I toss the phone into the corner of the boat and turn and swim out from under it all. I swim to the hull side and try to reach up to the dagger board but it is too high and I have to try and leap out of the water to get to it. I manage to and climb onto the by now, 45 degree from fully upside down hull. I quickly try to use my weight to right the boat, lean back as far out on the dagger board as I can get. But it won't budge, not even move. I am in a lake, and then realize that the water might not be that deep there, maybe 10 feet, and the mast is 14 feet tall, so the wind has shoved the hull and mast hard into the muddy bottom. So I sit there like something out of the Posiedon adventure on the overturned hull, wondering what to do next. I then figure out that the wind is still blowing the boat, and it is slowly pivoting around the mast tip underwater, and after it rotates 180 degrees the mast might get dragged out from the mud and be free. So I sit there and rest. Sure enough, it does just that; once I get about 180 around I try to lean back on the dagger board again, and it works. Slowly the boat starts to right itself. I climb over the gunnel as the rig comes out of the water and jump inside. Now the hull has about 8" of water in it, but this is a sealed hull and still has buoyancy, sitting low in the water but floating anyway. I look around for my cellphone and paddle and they were gone, I never checked the nice waterproof box for the phone, that it actually floated with the phone in it. I figure the fish were making calls on it now. SO I sail off towards the boat ramp and then have a tough time loading the boat on the trailer with all this water in it.

So my question. If I were in deeper water than the mast height, over 14', this boat would have turned turtle, and I am no big guy and I don't know that I would have the weight to right it. Shouldn't the mast float the thing or something? When I was in the water I heard the base of the mast hissing air out of it so I knew it was filling with water. I have seen Hobie cats with those mast balls to stop them doing this, but what is to stop this simple 13' sloop from going completely over?
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