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Decided to take my remaining home built 12' MiniCup sailboat out on the lake this afternoon. I built two of em 10 yrs ago and managed to keep one from rotting till now. The original plans say to not expect more'n a year or two out of em but I'd glassed and epoxied her. They were the first boats I built and I knew they were inferior materials (did not know that when I built them) but thought I had managed to arrest any rot.
Very light wind and after an hour or so I came back in. About 100 yards from the landing, my foot suddenly went right thru the cockpit bottom.....
Looking down at the water coming in I wondered, "Am I actually going to sink"? This wasn't threatening in any way cuz I have a life jacket and swim well but to sink right in front of a lot of people, how embarassing. A gust of wind came up and I pointed her to land, tucked the main sheet under my knee, held the tiller with one hand and bailed with my cut-off milk jug bailer with the other and made it to shore. She would not have sunk cuz she has airtight chambers but the cockpit was halfway filled with water.
Fix her or not, I dunno. Prob more rot I dont know about. I've also developed a severe epoxy allergy so it'd be difficult. Maybe just put her on the burn pile.
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