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thejetjerk :

I own the same ship, a 1977 boat, currently with a Volvo MD17C.

The next motor is likely to be the Kubota-based Beta Marine 38 hp or 42 hp.

Be careful though, the Kubota turns the prop the other way from my Volvo, so if your motor is the same rotation direction as the Volvo, you will need a reversing gearbox, probably with an oil-cooler. Ask the supplier if the reversing box is more noisy than the present system.

I like the idea of the Kubota, as it will have the usual Japanese quality typical of their motorcycle engines.

The Kubota motor will probably be revving higher than your current motor, so be careful with your gearbox ratios.

I would advise you not to put a Volvo in there. The motors are OK, but the price of the major spare parts are not remotely reasonable. They really are far too expensive.


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