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I have the updated boat list from Mahina Expeditions. The last list was dated2002 posted on the website and this is the new revised (January 2008) list. I will see if I can upload here as it is not yet available on the site.

I get an invalid file..can someone direct me how to update. It is a simple doc file.


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The Mahina list is below in post #6. I will attempt to add other widely agreed on bluewater boats to my post #8 below using experienced cruisers opinions who have owned the boats, and fellow mods to cull out boats with serious bluewater FULL TIME cruising deficiencies. If you disagree with a boat listed...make your case on the thread! If you believe a specific boat should be included AND you have personally cruised it extensively in blue water make your case as well. I am not attempting to dictate which boats are blue water...only to list MY opinions about some boats that are not listed. You are free to list your own opinions on this thread as well.
Please DO NOT use this thread to ask questions about WHETHER a boat you are considering buying is a blue water boat. Start a new thread.

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Their online list from April of 2007 doesn't have the Passport 40. Last time I checked, the Passport 40 was supposed to be a fair to middlin' (or excellent) Bluewater transoceanic boat... but to each their own.

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Yep...I think he has a thing against Taiwan built boats as none of the Tayanas are there either. Must be a grudge or something as I know of no one else that would not include Tayanas and Passports as bluewater vessels.
Still...a good list to direct newbies to.

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Their online list from April of 2007 doesn't have the Passport 40. Last time I checked, the Passport 40 was supposed to be a fair to middlin' (or excellent) Bluewater transoceanic boat... but to each their own.
Passport 40's are crap. Their value should be downgraded to something I can afford!:D:D:D:D

I looked at 2 the other day with different layouts, I liked your layout better.

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Your right neither boat still makes the list. Im trying the cut and paste..sorry if it doesnt work.

Boats to Consider for Offshore Cruising

Updated January 2008

Through our Weekend Offshore Cruising Seminars and personal consultation I have helped thousands of sailors locate the best ocean cruising boats for their planned voyages and budget. If you need knowledgeable, experienced (257,000+ ocean miles) and unbiased advise from someone who has no financial interest in the boat you select perhaps I can help. Details on or by contacting John Neal at Mahina Expeditions, [email protected], tel 360.378.6131.

Able 32, 42, 48 * USA Superb quality, expensive. Chuck Paine designs.
Alajuela 33 * USA Good value, well built
Alberg 35 * USA Early f /g boats. Well proven, not expensive.Narrow, short waterlines, graceful overhangs.
Alden 38, 43, 44, 46, 48, 54, 58 USA Classy, well built, beautiful & expensive.
Allied 30, 32, 33, 35, 36, 39, 42 * USA Good value. Functional, practical.
Amel 36 53 FRA Strong, well designed. Excellent passagemaker, great value. Low maintenance.
Amazon 29, 37, 44 * CAN Steel boats, attractive modern designs.
Amphitrite 43 * FRA Waquiez built, strong & roomy with good storage.Odd deck design, but great boat and good
Annie 28 * USA Every boat built by Morris is a work of art!
Bayfield 29, 30 32, 40 * CAN Good value. A bit "plasticy" interiors but ok.
Bluewater 60 * USA Modern, top quality Chuck Paine design.
Bowman 36 58 * ENG Strong boats. Excellent passagemakers.
Brewer 42 * CAN Improved version of Whitby 42.
Bristol 27 45 * USA Good boats. Later models were better quality.
Bristol Channel Cutter 28 USA Well built, not my personal choice. Good company.
Cabot 36 * CAN Ted Brewer design
Cal 2 30, 34, 36, 39, 40, 2 46, 3 46, 48 * USA Bill Lapworth designs. Many 2-46's have circumnavigated.
Comfortable, reasonably priced but look very carefully at bulkhead attachment.
Caliber 28, 33, 35, 38, 40 USA Fairly well built. Michael McCreary designs.
The 47 is not an attractive boat.
Cambria 40, 44, 46 * USA Fast, well built, gorgeous and expensive.
Camper Nicholson 31, 32, 35, 38, 39, 40, 43, 47, 56, 58, 70 * ENG Out of business except for shipbuilding.
Watch for serious blister problems on all models.
Cabo Rico 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 45, 47, CRI Crelock and Paine designs. Expensive, semi custom.
Cape Dory all models * USA All models are well designed & built.
Cape George Cutters 31, 36, 38 USA Some owner completed. Strong & fast. Sometimes great value.
Cascade 36, 42 USA 1965-67 design still being built. Narrow. Many owner-finished.
Centurion by Wauquiez (not Beneteau) 36-59 FRA Centurion's built before Wauquiez sold to Beneteau are solid,
but w/limited tankage. Later Beneteau-built models are not appropriate or impressive
except for dockside living.
Cherubini 44, 48, 62 * USA Semi custom boats. Beautiful, great sailing& expensive
Contessa 26 & 32 * CAN, ENG Tania Aebi & B.J. Caldwell both circumnavigated in 26's.
Contest 31, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 44, 46, 48, 55, 60 HOL More common in Europe.
Well built, new boats are very attractive.
Countess 44 by Pearson * USA Ancient John Alden design.
Corbin 39 * CAN Roomy and strong, but watch for hull blisters.
Crealock 31, PH 32, 34, 37, 40, 44 by Pacific Seacraft * USA Good value and well built. Graceful overhangs,
canoe sterns, short waterlines means these boats may hobbyhorse upwind.
CSY 37, 44 * USA Sturdy, roomy & reasonably priced but old.
Dana 24 by Pacific Seacraft USA An solid and expensive (for the size) slow pocket ocean cruiser.
Deerfoot Yachts * Var Fast & innovative, aluminum & fiberglass hulls.
Dickerson 36, 37, 40, 41, 50 * USA Nicely proportioned & well built boats. Earlier 36's are very reasonably priced.
Durbeck 46 * USA Big and roomy, long overhangs, short waterline.
Endurance 35, 38, 40 * Var Peter Ibold design, some owner completed. Built by various yards in ENG,
USA & Canada.
Esprit 37 by Nordic * USA Perry design. Comfortable, well proven, good value.
F & C 44 * ARG Modem Frers designed cruising ketch.
Farr Pilot House 50, 56, 60, 63 SWE Sexy, powerful, fast and glamorous.
Excellent quality.First boats were built by Najad.
Fast Passage 39 USA Some built in Canada, some by Tollycraft. WA. Excellent boat.
Fisher 30 46 ENG Sturdy and slow motorsailers. Great for high latitude cruising.
Flicka 20 USA Solidly built Mini ocean cruiser, but slow, slow, slow.
Francis 26 * USA Beautiful design from Morris, an excellent yard.
Fraser 41, 46, 50 * CAN Good modem cruisers.
Freya 39 * USA Good value. Many owner-completed, so quality varies. FAST, full-keel design capable of 200 mpd!
Garcia 46-50+ FRA Gorgeous, fast, semi custom, high quality aluminum.
Gladiateur 33 * FRA Very sturdy, short on tankage, Waquiez built.
Goderich 35, 37,41 * CAN Attractive Brewer steel boats. Short production run.
Gozzard 31, 36, 44 CAN Good design & construction. Totally committed quality company.
Hallberg-Rassy, 31,312,33,35,352,36,38,382,39,41,42,42F,43,45,46,49,53, SWE
Well built, comfortable, with good tankage & storage. Newer Frers designs have better
sailing performance than earlier Enderlien boats. Excellent resale value. Excellent
systems integration and detail.
Halmatic 30 * ENG Similar to Nicholson 31. Watch for blisters.
Hinkley 30-64 USA Attractive, highest quality, and expensive. Hold theirvalue well. Modest tankage & storage.
Hood 38 * FRA Waquiez built, Hood design. Strong, fast, & attractive. Short on tankage.
Centerboard rattles downwind. Solid choice.
Hylas 46,49, 54, 54 Raised Saloon TAI Frers & S & S designs. Good sailing qualities, tankage & storage. High
quality on later Jachney-era models.
Island Packet 32, 35, 350, 37,38, 40, 420, 44, 45 USA Roomy & comfortable with good tankage
& storage but some odd features. Continually improving. Good value, exc. company.
J-Boats/32, J/42; J/44, J/46, J/160 USA Fast, light. Excellent sailing performance. Minimal
tankage and storage. Fast downwind, pound heavily upwind. Ck keels!
Jason 35 from Miller Marine * USA Some owner completed. Several have cruised extensively.
Jongert 50, 55, 60, 67, 73 HOL Heavy, expensive, extremely well built steel and aluminum yachts. Not going
to win any races, though!
Justine 36 * USA Gorgeous Paine design, Morris built cruiser.
Kaiulani 34, 38 * USA Lovely steel Brewer & Yohe designs. Very limited production.
Kanter 42, 45, 60, 65 CAN Steel & aluminum boats, semi custom. Highest Quality.
Chuck Paine & Ted Brewer designs.
LM 27, 28, 290, 30, 315, 32, 380 DEN Some have inside steering. Well built and impressive.
Linda 28 * USA Gorgeous design, Morris quality.
Leigh 30 * USA Very well built, attractive Morris.
Little Harbor 42-90 TAI & USA Ted Hood designed, heavy displacement. Semi custom. Expensive and solid as
a rock.
Luders 33, DOVE * USA Older, well built by Allied.
Malo 36, 38, 39, 45 SWE Quality offshore boats with good sailing performance.
Attractive, reasonably priced. Strong company, good service.
Mariah 31 * USA At least one circumnavigation. Pacific Seacraft built.
Mason 33, 43, 44, 53, 54, 63 * TAI Some of the very best Taiwan built boats.
Mercator 30 * USA Inexpensive, obscure. One has circumnavigated
Moody 38, 42 , 47, 54, 64 * ENG Good designs but some quality-control issues.
Morgan 382, 383 * USA Excellent Ted Brewer design for around $60K.
Morris 26, 28, 30, 32, 34,36, 42, 44, 45, 454, 46, 48.6, 52 USA Chuck Paine design.
Superb quality, highest quality US yard building cruising boats. Expensive. Semi-custom.
Mystic 57, 60 * ENG Dubois design, Bowman built, beautiful.
Najad 330, 361, 370, 390, 420, 490, 520 SWE Quality, attractive boats. Excellent sailing
performance. Good tankage, storage and high level of craftsmanship.
Nauti Cat Motorsailers 35,40,43, 53, FIN Later S & S designed models are much better
performers than earlier tubby models.
Niagara 31, 35, 42 * CAN Well built & roomy. Superb value.
Nordic 34,40,44,45 * USA Attractive boats, some solvable problems with mast step deflection on the 40 & 45.
Norseman 400,447 * TAI Strong, fast, and attractive. Have held their value well.
North Wind 43,50, 58 [email protected] SPA S&S designs, quality construction, good company.
Ocean 60, 71 * ENG Powerful boats, many have had blister problems
Ocean Cruising 42 * USA Only a few built by Hank Hinkley. Classy.
Orion 27 * USA Offshore capable. Pacific Seacraft built.
Oyster 42, 45, 485,49,53, 55, 56 61, 62, 63, 66, 70, 82, 100 ENG NZL Some have
inside steering. Attractive, expensive and first class! Weak resale value and larger
models make this an excellent, though expensive choice.
Pacific Seacraft 34, 37, 40, 44 * USA Well built boats, good resale. Graceful overhangs.
Pearson 35, 365, 422, 424, 520 * USA Fairly well built, not flashy but reasonably priced.
Passport 41, 415, 435, 44, 456, 470, 50 TAI Modem Perry cruising design. Good
Pretorien 35 * FRA Strong, fast & attractive. Built by Waquiez. Best value for a boat under $85,000.
Modest tankage.
Rhodes Bounty II * USA Ancient Pearson fiberglass design, classic but very old, so will need tons of upgrading.
Is it worth it?
Regina of Vindo, 38, 43, 49 SWE Attractive, well built, quality deck saloon. In a class of
their own for quality and design.
Rival 36 41 * ENG Strong, good-looking and sailing boats.
Rustler 36, 42 ENG Totally impressive, quality boat and company.
Sabre 34, 362,38, 402, 42, 402, 425, 452, USA Built in Maine, great quality, but limited
tankage and storage.
Sadler 34 * ENG Unsinkable, fast, great performance. Good choice.
Saga 35, 43, 48 * CAN Modern Perry design. Fast innovate and narrow. The 43 is a
very tried and proven design.
Santa Cruz 52 USA Strong, fast and fun!
Saturna 33 * CAN Attractive, Bill Garden designed pilothouse cutter.
Scanmar 35 * SWE Limited production but good design.
Sceptre 41, 43 CAN Modem pilothouse with good performance.
Seawind 30, Seawind II 32' * USA Excellent boats. Good value. First. Built by Allied Yachts
Seguin 44, 51 USA S & S design. Excellent boats. Semi Custom.
Shannon 32, 36, 39, 43,43 II, 47, 53. USA Good reliable boats. Hold their value well.
Skye 51 * TAI Similar in appearance to Swans. Deck problems.
Southern Cross 28, 31, 35, 39 * USA Good boats. Attractive designs. Fairly well built.
Spencer 35, 42, 44, 54 * CAN Older, solid boats, built in Vancouver, B.C.
Stellar 52 TAI Total quality S&S design, well built, great detail work.
Sundeer 56, 64 * USA Excellent & expensive. Innovative design & incredible performance. Good systems layout.
Built by TPI.
Swan FIN Newest designs aren't well suited for ocean cruising.
Shearwater 39, 45 RSA Strong, traditional and attractive.
Sweden Yachts SWE Expensive & well built. Racer cruiser designs, short on tankage
and storage.
Tartan 3500, 37, 3700, 41, 4100, 4600, * USA Well proven several 37's have
circumnavigated. Some designs have centerboards.
Taswell 43, 49, 56, 58, 60, 72 TAI Quality, attractive, good sailing performance.
Excellent tankage, storage and design.
Tashiba 31, 36, 40 * TAI Perry designs. From the best yard in Taiwan.
Topper Hermanson 40+ * USA Semi custom steel or aluminum Van de Stadt designs.
Trintella HOL Roomy and well built. Newer designs are aluminum and exp.
Triton 29 by Pearson * USA Good value, sturdy. Earliest F/g production boat.
Valiant 32, 37, 39, 40, 42, 47, 50 USA Major blister problems on Valiant 40 hull numbers
116 250. No problems with any of the excellent Texas built boats. Proven designs, strong
Vancouver 27 * CAN Also built in Taiwan & England.
Vangard 32 * USA Good value. Phil Rhodes design, built by Pearson
Vega 27, by Albin Marine * SWE At least six have circumnavigated. Inexpensive, fast.
Victoria 30, 34 ENG Chuck Paine design, Morris built.
Vindo 29, 34, 38, 39 SWE Attractive, well built, but high maintenance.
Vineyard Vixen 30, 34 * USA Attractive design.
Westerly 26 36 ENG Not flashy, but fairly well built boats.
Westsail 28, 32, 39, 42, 43 * USA Sturdy boats. 39's are rare & attractive. Perry design.
Whitby 42, 44 CAN Brewer designs that sell for $85 120k. Good value. Roomy and fairly well built.
Windship USA Expensive custom boats.
Yankee 26, 30 * USA S & S designed. Inexpensive and capable. Great value.

Atlantic 42, 55 RSA Chris White design, quality construction.
Catana 401, 431, 471, 521 FRA Good design, but customer service lacks on delivery
Dean 441 RSA Modern, solid, and fast.
Foutntaine Pajot 38, 43, 44,46, 56, 60, 75 FRA Attractive designs, good quality.
Kronos 45 FRA Wauquiez-Beneteau built.
Lagoon 38, 41, 47, 57, 67 FRA Benetau built, good charter boat, O.K cruising boat.
Leopard 38,42,47, 62 RSA Good design, Possibly best built production cat.
Manta 42 USA Well designed and built. Great cruising boat.
Outremer 40-64 FRA Fast and strong.
PDQ 32, 36, 42 CAN Long successful production run.
Prout 38, 45 * ENG Reasonably priced, well proven, long production run.
Seawind 33 AUS Quality boat.
Soubise 46 FRA Excellent, super fast and high quality, semi-custom.
Voyage 380, 440, 500, 580 RSA Lightweight, good value

Out of business
ARG Argentina
AUS Australia
CAN Canada
CRI Costa Rica
DEN Denmark
ENG England
FIN Finland
FRA France
GER Germany
HOL Holland
NZL New Zealand
RSA South Africa
SCT Scotland
SWE Sweden
SPA Spain
TAI Taiwan
Var Various

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Since this is a commonly asked question from newbies...I am going to make this thread a sticky that we can point others to. Thanks Sab30! I don't think that this list is definitive or others may feel free to post other models left off the main list as bluewater boats to consider.

Here are "missed the list" boats that experienced cruisers have recommended as Bluewater Cruisers on this thread without objection:
Passport 40
Tayana 37, 42, 47, 48, 52, 55
Aries 32
Fuji 32
Peterson 44
Shannon 38
Cal 39
Gulfstar 50
RobinHood 36, 40
Rafiki 37

Just trying to keep everything succinct for new boat shoppers! Note that the boats on this list may have been overlooked by Mahina OR for some reason disliked. (Example: Caliber47 seems to have been eliminated solely due to aesthetic preference. Other boats have known issues which if repaired end up being very seaworthy vessels. ) Nevertheless...worth consideration.

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Good disclaimer..I agree only one man s opinion. I do use it as a cross referance once in awhile against perhaps a boat I never considered. Just thought its another tool in the search and at the list generates good discussion....cheers.

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I spoke to John Neal via email who provide the updated list and he gave me permission to link or copy it as long as I stated the origin.

Good question..we think alike. Last thing I need is a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

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All...I e-mailed John and confirmed that he is OK with the posting of his list here. Thank you John!
Also...for those thinking about a bluewater boat, he has several very well written generic posts about what to look for and how to decide on what is right for you. He also runs a reasonably priced personal consulting service for individuals who need ideas and specific advice and certainly has the credentials to offer such advice. Read more here:

I of course, do not agree with his decision to leave off the Tayanas from his list though he is entitled to his opinion. My guess is that it has to do with personal or friends experience. Tayanas (and others on his list) built in the 80's have lots of reported deck and tank problems, so perhaps this enters his thinking. BUT...otherwise they are very fine, seaworthy boats built to stand up to the oceans of the world. At this point, many if not most of the boats with such issues have been repaired and the problems are non-existant and others may be priced to account for the work still to be done. Obviously...a good surveyor can tell the tale...but the Tayanas are priced well below comparatively robust vessels from the same period and with most designed by Perry, are fine sailing boats. Many T37's have sailed the worlds oceans in safety and comfort and it is difficult for me to think of many other mid-80's boats of this size that provide such good value on the used boat market.

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No Sab...just wanted to have something for the files as it was not within copyright guidelines as it stood. Also wanted John to have look at it and make sure he was happy with how we treated it and the links. I always trust Canucks...ever since one of my canuck frat brothers "borrowed" my stereo. His comment..."If I had known it was yours I wouldn't have taken it eh?" ...and I believed him too!! better worse enemies!!

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Bruce Roberts Designs

What about Bruce Roberts design steel hulls, or fiberglass rof that matter? granted they're primarily non production homemade type boats but assuming constructed correctly does anyone have any input on their sailing performance and blue water capabilities? I'm seriously considering building one out of aluminum over the next 4-5yrs, get kiddos through college, and the go cruising in semi retirement.
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