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US Yachts 25 Rudder Removal - Help!

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Hello Sailors
I need help removing my rudder from my US Yachts 25. It's cracked and I need to do some fibreglass work. I don't have a dry close to where my boat is and need to take the rudder out in the water. I've removed all bolts, but seem to be getting caught on a sleeve inside. Any suggestions? Thanks
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Mine was on the trailer when I removed it. Probably had the same crack. There were two bolts that pass thru an aluminum collar and thru the rudder post underneath. I assume those are the bolts you are talking about. Then you have to turn the rudder back and forth as you pull down. That may be tuff in the water. Maybe you need to pound it out with something from the top?

I had to use a floor jack to re-install it after the repair. Can't imagine doing this in the water.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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