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Used Sails?

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Can anyone point me toward a sail loft that has a used mainsail for a Catalina 27 and wants to get rid of it? I bought the boat for a sinfully low price, and I need to continue in the "economy lane" in order to get her ready for water. I certainly can't afford new, and used sails for $500 are not realistic for me.


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I found a used main for the Cal 9.2 for $400 that still has a lot of life in it. Far less expensive from the $2700 quote for the nor__ company at the boat show special. Check all of the used sail sites, masthead, Atlantic, jsi, bacon, Kelly marine, minneys, north, pineapple, sailexchange, second wind, castaways, porpoise, etc..... Bacon has a nice feature where they can sort inventory choices based on boat brand.
bacon sails in annapolis sells used sails, plus does consignment. you might get someone who has had thier sails there for a long time to go cheap
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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