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I found a neat little program that I wanted to share. For sometime, I've been bemoaning the fact that I can't use any of the Automotive GPSs that I own while on the boat. They're great GPS's but don't support NMEA out, so up till now they've been pretty useless other than being able to get my lat/long if the Raymarine at the helm should fail. They're worth having for that, but seemed like they could do much more..

I found a program that will read the Garmin specific data coming down the USB cable and convert it to NMEA. I downloaded the free trial and it's working like a charm. So now I have SeaClearII on the PC at the nav station with my streetpilot 2730 connected as a back up and for planning.

GPS splitter, simulator and logger. Serial port splitter. - Franson GpsGate

No connection with either company. Just thought I'd share... SeaClearII is pretty nice too with the charts downloaded from NOAA.
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