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I plan on cleaning up my '84 off white hull and have a few questions since I haven't used it before. The hull is stained brownish, worse near the waterline but still works up the free-board pretty far.
1) Since I'm doing larger areas I assume I just need to do the whole hull so it won't look patchy.
2) A chip brush has been suggested here. Since I'm doing a larger area (22' boat) is it too gelatinous for a small roller? If so how about a 3" brush? See what I'm getting at?
3) How thick does it (or does it need to) go on? Will a quart be enough or do I need a gallon?
4) I assume it will cut through the still good coat of Collinite? We all know how great Collinite is!
5) All marinas in my area are "Clean Marinas". have you heard any feed back on objections to the rinse water run-off?

Thanks for your help gang!
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