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Has anyone tried the Velox Plus shaft/prop anti foul paint? In the past I've used the Pettit Barnacle Barrier with Ok results. But last Spring with only 2 days to get launch prep done I couldn't find any and used some hardware store zinc primer instead. I'll take a picture later and post, but near as I can tell the barnacles LOVED that zinc primer stuff.

I would like a better longer term answer to the prop/shaft growth and was considering the PropSpeed for next year. But that stuff looks a pain to apply so on a web search I found this Velox Plus stuff from PYI.

Velox | Velox Plus Antifouling Paint From PYI Inc.

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We used that product while we were in the Med for a couple of years. My personal experience has not been good on prop antifouling products but I noticed a lot of Greek fishermen using it. Those guys throw nickels around like manhole covers so with that and a personal recommendation from two other sailors we bought some. We applied it according to the instructions but it started to break away from the prop. I had to haul for another reason and we removed it and this time got much more aggressive on the sanding before the primer coat. It stuck like ##*## to a blanket and worked great. It's the first prop antifouling that lived up to its claims and while not cheap it's reasonable compared to some other products. When we arrived in the Caribbean I went looking for it but I was never able to find any.
If I am going to be anchored for longer time periods I slip over the side and put a small black plastic bag over the prop with a couple of strong elastic bands to hold it in place, works great. Make sure to remove it before leaving although if the bag is light enough it will shred if you forget but better to remember so your not putting plastic in the water. I use the same bag over and over, saves a ton of work as crap grows quick in these waters.
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