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Ventilation: Suck In or Blow Out????

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Heading into a tropical summer and want to ventilate the battery bank. Its a box under the bed in the aft cabin, no real venting except one 6 x 6 inch hole at one end. Air seepage the other end.

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Sooooo is it better to suck in cooler air? Or blow out the hotter air?​


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Sucking or blowing is really in the eyes of the beerholder, ehem, beholder, no? I miss Megamaid. I really do.
A fan sucking air out of the battery box and ducting it away and outside seems best.
If it's just heat inside the box, you might get away with a passive convection set up that draws cool air in through a bottom vent (from the bilge?) and up through a top vent into a lazarrete.
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