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Ventilation: Suck In or Blow Out????

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Heading into a tropical summer and want to ventilate the battery bank. Its a box under the bed in the aft cabin, no real venting except one 6 x 6 inch hole at one end. Air seepage the other end.

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Sooooo is it better to suck in cooler air? Or blow out the hotter air?​


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I have always set the engine compartment to have a negative pressure, so any blower is set up to exhaust. Every boat I've ever worked on has been set up that way also. Typically you have two vents with appropriate hose. One is usually at the top and towards the back of the engine compartment - that is the exhaust. The supply line does not need a blower and usually runs to somewhere near the engine intake to supply as fresh and cool air as possible to the engine.
No fumes. Totally sealed batteries. Its the temperature I'm trying to keep down.

In that case I definitely think you want to suck the hot air out and let cool air in.

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1 - 2 of 43 Posts