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Ventilation: Suck In or Blow Out????

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Heading into a tropical summer and want to ventilate the battery bank. Its a box under the bed in the aft cabin, no real venting except one 6 x 6 inch hole at one end. Air seepage the other end.

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Sooooo is it better to suck in cooler air? Or blow out the hotter air?​


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I probably shouldn't be on a forum this early in the morning. The only thing I thought of reading this was this and I feel bad about myself, a little. I am curious about the opinions to the question. Seems like most engine areas on sailboats have a large hose which is attached to a blower, the intent to suck the hot air out and full in fresh air from anywhere there is an opening/egress.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts