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Hmmmm. Not surprised honestly on the quality of the vests. We talked about this in another thread but I can't believe the lack of quality in most power/sailing vests that are sold. They seem to be designed to check a box on a requirement rather than be the best quality swimming vest possible.

Can you find an older one? Sadly this may be an issue with children's vests as I looked recently at an Extrasport childs vest (generally a decent WW vest in years past-definitely not one of the best) and the quality could have been better for sure. Maybe they just don't make them as well as the adult vests from Astral, Lotus (Patagonia now I think), or even NRS.

Now on finding one that doesn't end up being grown out of too fast is tricky. My daughter who is 6 has already has grown out of 2 and needs another and she is a TINY little thing. Each one you buy will last more years than the last but they do grow out of a properly sized jacket incredibly fast and the weight ranges published seem too big to me for fit or floatation.

EDIT: Short term memory man forgot that we celebrated a birthday this past week. 6 not 5 now.
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