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If you have any doubt as to whether there's an antenna, DO NOT TURN ON THE RADIO. Deltaten was right, it could damage your radio's finals. Unplug the antenna lead from the back and test the center wire and threaded outer contact of the co-ax cable. If you have somewhere around 50 ohms of resistance, there is likely an antenna somewhere. If you want to get fancy you could use a thing called a standing wave ratio meter, or SWR. That will tell you neat stuff like whether the antenna is 'trimmed' correctly to optimize power transmission or in your case, whether there's any antenna at all! Good luck! ~LL
This is not all together true! Many VHF antennas will look like either an open circuit (Ohm meter reads infinity to several hundred K ohms) or a dead short (near zero ohms). If your volt-ohm meter reads anywhere near 50 ohms, the feed line, antenna or both are likely bad. Either that or a dummy load is connected.

Most modern radios will not be harmed by transmitting into an open or shorted antenna for a few seconds.

Now if you know someone with an antenna analyzer, a SWR bridge or a forward / reflected power meter, you may be able to find out whether the antenna and feed line are good.

If the feed line is old or water contaminated, the SWR and reflected power may look great. The problem with water damaged coax/feed line is almost all of the power gets turned into heat before it gets to the antenna.
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