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VHF Ocean 4500 question

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Hi guys

Got a question for Ocean 4500 users... Recently I have noticed that I was unable to select the channel 9 and 11 and as I do not remember fiddling with the VHF in a way which should have changed anything to the existing channel, I wonder what am I doing wrong or what might be wrong with my VHF.

I have had a look at the VHF Ocean 4500 user guide and have not been able to find my answer there so your help would be much appreciated.

Happy sailing.

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Sometimes VHF radios lose their programming sequences and need to be reset. The reset procedure for the Ocean 4500 is described on page 35 of the manual. This will return the radio to the factory settings (and will not change the MMSI or Buddy List).

You might give it a try if nothing else works.

Thanks Bill, I will give it a try. Seems odd as I first lost CH 9 then more recently CH 11.
Hello again.

No joy after I have done the reset :(. No idea why but it seems that I can't deselect the DSC function (always displayed) and I can't switch from INT to US frequencies. Looks like the radio might be heading towards the graveyard and on the verge of getting replaced by a younger one ;).... Unless somebody else's has the solution of course.
Yeah, if the reset didn't work and you can't select certain functions, I'd can the thing.

The good news is that VHF radios are really cheap these days....among the only real bargains in the marine world.

I'd be looking for a good deal on a Standard or an Icom VHF with DSC and any other features you might find useful (like a built-in fog horn capability).

Yep. Had a look at the Silva 15/Nexus 2500 because it has an integrated Navtex but VHF are quite cheap and plenty of choice around. Never thought of the fog-horn capability though... Will look into it too.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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