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In the US, as far as I know DSC functions (and is monitored) only on VHF. At least, that's all that is used for small pleasure craft, or all that is publicized for out use.
The USCG monitors all marine HF bands on published frequencies for DSC calls. MF frequencies (2182 and 2187) were dropped from monitoring last year. Other RCCs continue to monitor MF.

If you push the little read button on an Icom M802 it will transmit your distress on 4 MHz. There is a procedure for rotating through all the HF bands. John Macdougall KA4WJA has written it up better than I can so I'll track down the links and post them here.

GMDSS in Sea Areas A2, A3, and A4 includes capabilities on HF (and INMARSAT) and UHF (EPIRBs). Both play a role and both are available to recreational sailors.
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