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Video Camera Suggestions??

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Good day , all! I am soon to start some blue water travelling, and would like to make a video record of the trip (s). No doubt some of you experts out there have done just that; and possibly can suggest a suitable video camera for a novice photographer; I.E.: suggestions for a piece of gear that is simple, hardy, and reasonably water resistant.
Any ideas, anyone???


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For our trip this year I piked up a Sanyo Xacti - WH1.

I got it for its waterproofness.

It is waterproof to 10 ft (3 meters).

A couple of things impressed me:
  • the camera seems pretty solidly built.
  • it's got a long battery life (3 hours - compared with 1 -2 hours)
  • the camera is small.
A few things that I don't like about the camera:
  • you have to have the screen open to operate the camera - there is no eye-piece - so I have to wear my glasses when taping.
  • there is no lens cap.
  • the lens gets foggy after it has been wet.
  • the file format for the video is MPEG4. I use Premier Pro to edit and it doesn't recognize MPEG4's so I have to convert the files to edit.
  • the still image resolution is 2 megapixels - suitable for internet but not for enlarging.
Overall though, and for its price, I like the camera and it is a good supplement to my Sony. I don't have to worry about water. The Sanyo has become my 'boat camera'.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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