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Previously, I was considering either purchasing a Catalina 22 or Macgregor 22.

I have since been out again, looked at a Mac 22 for sale, and finally actually managed to get aboard one. The boat was fine, only problem is, once inside the cabin, as some predicted, at 6''4'''' there''s no way I would be comfortable - even if I wore a crash helmet. My head would keep bumping on the edge of the coach roof where it meets the sliding hatch - irrespective of whether the pop-top is up or down.

Then I got to sit inside a Catalina 22. There is slightly more head room when leaning forward, but only just. When leaning against the backrest though, it''s fairly comfortable, which was not the case in the Mac 22.

To complete my mission, I now have to get inside and test-fit a Mac 25, as many have
commented on it''s interior space, and, I am hoping, it''s headroom!!

Is there a Mac/Venture 25 owner in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who could oblige? If so, please email me.

To sum up:

Even though I liked the quality of finish on the Cat 22, I do believe that the Mac 25 is going to be more suited to my particular
requirements (headroom permitting). Because of the following appealing points:

*Easier raising/lowering of mast.
*Easier launching and retrieval.
*Positive floatation.
*More interior room.
*Lower cost
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