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This one?

1986 Stellar 30 Center Cockpit Sail Boat For Sale -

Interesting.. the keel is quite different in the photo from the posted 'drawings'.

Fitting a center cockpit into a boat that size is always tricky.. somethings 'gotta give'. But it looks like the designer did a reasonable job (on paper).. have you been aboard to see how she feels in person? For some the aft cabin may be a bit claustrophobic.

No idea about quality - first I've heard of them, but nothing there looks scary, seems well executed, should perform OK. You'd be into the 'rare breed' area (as are we) where it's difficult to ascertain a true value, so you may get her at a good price but be ready to sell the same way eventually.

ODay, S2, Edel and a couple of others managed to produce some smaller center cockpit boats that sold and sailed OK.

Good luck!
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