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There have been some very "interesting" ASA schools offering certifications down here. I'm not familiar with this particular one. Posting on a forum isn't a bad idea when expectations are not met. It might be even better to contact the folks at ASA directly and relay your experiences to them. It is my understanding that corporate ASA takes your type of accusations seriously.

There was another ASA "school" down here that contacted me to teach a week long class. I am not an ASA instructor nor have I ever even taken an ASA class. I have taught many other skills in collegiate settings and apprenticeship trades. After making the local company representantive aware of my lack of certifications they said it wasn't a problem. They would sit down with me for a couple of hours to go over the curriculum and make me an instructor!!! They then told me what my compensation would be and it was substantially less per day than I'm paid to deliver boats. As to their teaching vessels, well let's just say that I wasn't sure I was a good enough mechanic to keep their broken down crap functioning and available as a teaching platform for 7 days. Between the ridiculously low pay and their lack of concern as to how they certify an "instructor" I knew that they were just a diploma mill trying to fleece sailors. Not someplace that I could work at and have any self-respect. They eventually had their ASA credentials removed.

There are some very good schools down here that have a long track record. Rob Swain on Tortola comes to mind. There are a few schools that come down from New England to teach here in the winter. Some of them are good, some aren't.

Do your research before you spend your money people!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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