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Volume of returned fuel?

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I have a Yanmar 4JH2E. Curious if anyone knows how much fuel is returned to the tank? (And if anyone answers "all of the excess" I'll hunt you down and wind your furler backwards! :) )

The reason I'm asking is my boat has two tanks. I run mostly off the bow tank, fuel is returned to the keel tank. Just wondering if I need to be concerned about overflowing the keel tank with the return fuel.

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After thinking about it a bit more there is a return to each tank.

I got a good demonstration of how much fuel is returned yesterday. We had just motored around a sheltered cove and I had just hoisted the main when the wife reported diesel in the cockpit! A steady stream of fuel was running from the keel tank vent located in the starboard storage bin in the cockpit. ( why oh why would anyone think that is a good location for the vent). I was at first a bit baffled as to what was happening but realized I must have mis- selected the fuel valve on the return line. Shut down the motor ( quick impromptu opportunity to practice heaving to) and the fuel quit flowing. A check of the valves confirmed I was feeding from bow and returning to keel tank.

I am going to explore relocating the vent, truly the only thing I've found on my Crealock that I'm displeased with.
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