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Usually when using the word seating we associate this with the injector seating in the head. I suspect you mean the seating of the HP connection.

Try this......put the injector in its pocket and put the clamp on but leave the clamp loose enough to allow the injector to mover sideways.

Now connect up the HP connection moving the injector so it lines up and do not put any washers or anything else in the connection and do it up tight once both injectors are coupled to the HP pipes connect up the smaller spill pipe using new white metal washers if possible. If using old copper washers then heat them to red heat on the grill and drop into a glass of water... This softens them. You may have to adjust the bends in this pipe for it to fit easily.

Now tighten down the injector clamps.

You will have to slacken off the spill and HP connections for priming the engine.
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