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Want to learn, what's next step

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My wife and I just returned from a vacation in Virgin Gorga, BVI and was introduced to chartering.

We would like to return next year for a 7 day Flotilla charter vacation. What would be my next step to start preparing to learn the basics of sailing and have enough experience to sail safely and to fun on the water.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Knowing where you are would help...

The Power and Sail Squadron courses are good places to start, as well as the various ASA courses that are often offered by sailing schools etc.

And there's nothing like experience.. if you're near a local yacht club or marina that holds weekend and evening racing programs it's often possible to sign on as crew for those boats that typically sail shorthanded. You can move from being 'rail meat' to working, useful crew by being observant, reliable, interested and willing to learn. It may also be possible to crew on a variety of boats to get a feel for the differences between them. You can learn a lot about sail trim, boat handling etc that are excellent skills to have whether you ever plan to race or not.

You'll also be more likely to get experience in less-than-idyllic conditions, as the races usually go regardless, and heavy air and cold weather sailing practice will always stand you in good stead too.
You could book a week at a learn to sail school at some exotic location (as exotic as your budget allows), and earn ASA 104 in a week.

See here; American Sailing Association US Affiliates., here ASA Sailing Schools at International Destinations - More than 60 to Choose From or here US Sailing Our Schools | Sailing Certification for locations.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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