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wanted: crew around the world

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we are a goup of german students planning a trip around the world. We still need someone who would fit in our group. If you are aged about 25 to 30 we can get into contact and see if there´s enough sympathy to spend the whole time together. Everything is still open, you would be an partner with equal rights.
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German-speaking American writer with plenty of sailing experience, blue water and coastal, interested in one or more legs.

Leave me an email where I can reach you, or drop me a note at [email protected] -

Brendan Greeley

Very interested in your trip. Some offshore sailing experience, but I''m a quick learner! Also, I have the time to do the entire trip. Email me if you still need crew members ([email protected]). Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Matt
Hi I''m finishing grad school in seattle in august and i''d like to crew for someone on a trip somewhere. i''m very flexable as to where we''d leave from. I have a good deal of small boat experience, and experience cruising in the puget and long island sounds, but none on the ocean.

if your interested, email me at [email protected]

also if anyone has any suggestions on how to find a boat to crew on i''d appreciate that too.

rob macdonald
Hi, I am a 27yr old Marine/Bio student from Auckland NZ. I am looking to leave between Dec 01 and Feb 02, from either Akl or Sydney - to any destination! my sailing exp is not huge, however I am keen, can follow orders and get along easily with others. I am esp interested in crewing for a boat with an ecological/diving focus. If you can help or know anyone who can, I''d love to hear from you!
Cheers, Sarah
I''m a graduate of the landing school of boatbuilding and design. I am educated in
boatbuilding, and also i am certified as a marine technition. i raced lightenings for 5 years taking first place most of the time.
I have made 2 boat deliveries on the gulf or mexico. one boat delivery was through a hurricane, with someone who is skitzofrenic.
one thing i do not tolerate is people who
drink alcahol while sailing. Another thing i do not tolerate is people who are dishonest.
for any other info about me please e-mail
me at [email protected]
looking for a lady to help sail my 41 ft sail boat to carabean from ftlauderdale 30 years old to 40 years old
Do you need just 1 ? my friend and I would love to be a part of a voyage. We are quick learning and easy going people. We are hard workers. I am 30 he is 23. So if you would consider this we would appreciate it. Also we are willing to do whatever needs to be done to prepare for the voyage. If you need us to meet you we will..

Thanx... [email protected]
Hi im an 18 year old male that is looking to trave around the world I have worked on many yachts around the 100 foot mark and bigger the latest boat i have worked on is the Bravodo from London as a secondmate Im very intrested in this job. Thanx for your time my number is area code 250 287-7672 and my cell phone number is area code 259 205-0200
Sarah -

Try, and look up the R/V Heraclitus. She is a ferrocement chinese junk, which does research on coral reefs. Lots of good diving. They are currently somewhere in southeast asia. I spent two years on the ship - if you have any questions, email me at [email protected]
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