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wanting to crew for experience la area

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Hi Ive just moved to the Los Angeles area and am thinking id like to learn and soon buy a sailboat, if anyone is in need or just wouldnt mind having a extra crew member and share some of your knowledge Id sure appreciate it. weekends are best but sometimes during the week is fine, just let me know what works for you.
Thank for looking
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thanks Don i sent a request to join them.
Check Fairwind Yacht Club

When my son was still sailing in the area, he belonged to this group. He was able to sail year 'round for less than my slip cost me in Iowa for 6 months. They sail our of Marina del Ray and apparently, Oxnard according to their web site. I visited him a couple of years ago and he took me out in one of the clubs boat. It was a Catalina 27 that was in excellent condition. It is an all volunteer organization with a well structured teaching system. Fairwind Yacht Club - Community Sailing in Marina del Rey and Channel Islands Harbor
wow that seems like a great club im going to make a next open house if at all possible. thanks defensible
I'm defensible's son. Fairwind was a great club. I'd still be a member if I didn't live so far from the Marina or have such a busy work/family schedule. I don't even know how many boats they have now. It's really a sailing coop. The club collectively owns and maintains the boats. When you are a member, you can go out and sail whenever you want. No additional cost. And membership is cheap. I also got hooked up with a couple of racing rides through the club. The Marina Del Rey PHRF racing scene is very active, pretty low key, and always looking for crew. I see that my dad already sent you the link to the website. You can try to get started by calling, but they will probably just refer you to the next open house.

Good luck and happy sailing!
thanks iamhans yes i checked, mdr is only having open house for existing members and thier guest, oxnard is still open to all. if you still have contacts maybe someone from mdr would invite me?? never hurts to ask i guess.

thank you
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