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Next time someone in uniform asks you to pay a tax, fine, or an outright bribe, smile and pay the man. Then thank him for his help and offer him a beer or some food. You might find he is just a regular guy, underpaid and trying to feed his kids.

A little cash on the side and friendly conversation might also gaurantee you help at a later date if you need it.

The best part is that you get to tell all your friends back home how you had to pay off the Navy to save your skin :) Trust me, it makes for a great story. If your really nice he might let you take his picture shaking your hand :))

One word of caution... Don''t offer the bribe! Murphy''s law clearly states that you will find the "strictly by the book" cop. He will surely arrest you for attempting to bribe an officer! Anyone looking for a little under the table will ask you, or at least hint very strongly.
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