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I have a Coronado 23 that is set up to have a head in the v-berth. I've gotten by for the last year without a head (just ye olde bucket), but we are planning some overnight trips and lately have had some guests who are not as comfortable with the options when nature calls :)

I've been looking at various heads - composting, porta potty, etc, but since the holding tank is pretty small and we could get by with only using it for urine, I'm hesitant to drop $500+ for something.

I understand the regulations about dumping, and I can't get a certain idea out of my head - is there any kind of product that can treat/neutralize urine so that it's safe to dump? It seems to me there would be some chemical that could dissolve after each use so that urine could be flushed directly out. If not, someone should get on it because I'm sure there would be plenty of demand from sailors like me!
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