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I do not understand the Rolex mentality. At one time, decades ago, they were the best but now it's equivalent to buying a Ferrari with 1955 Chevy running gear under it.

You can buy watches for a tiny fraction of the price that look just as good for the jewelry part AND they actually keep time.

Kind of like having Bob design you a Francis Lee and then building it plank on frame with oakum & red lead to keep the water out.


Oh yeah - the second hand sweeps instead of going tic tic tic - That's worth a few grand right there. :rolleyes:
I have several rolexes and other "luxury brand" watches, purchased new and pre-owned over the years. Yet none have ever cost me anything! Why? Because all have appreciated over time. (Insurance premiums notwithstanding).
A casio is worthless the day you buy it. A vintage Breguet, not so much.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to work this way with most boats.:(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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