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What do you wear while sailing :confused:

I rotate these 3, I guess I need a yachtmaster too :laugher

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I was very distressed when my old Timex sailing watch "bit the dust" last spring (after 27 years, parts are no longer available). As consolation, my daughter bought me a Casio "Sea Pathfinder" for my birthday that has proven to be an excellent piece of gear. It has all of the functions of a watch, stop-watch, count-down timer, etc. but also has a state of tide display, barometric functions; and, a compass function that allows it to be used as a good hand bearing device. The barometer is quite accurate once calibrated (at say, you local airport) and has a small graphic display for the preceding 12-24 hours. Likewise, the tide display is quite accurate once the watch has been calibrated to one's locale and luner interval. The hand-bearing compass function is also quite accurate, at least as good as the "hockey-puck" compass I routinely wear when we're on the water.
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