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water based bottom paint

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If the snow ever melts here in the northeast, I can finally get started on getting the boat ready. I've been using Interlux ACT as bottom paint for years and am wondering if I shouldn't switch to a water based paint - it's much easier to apply and I'm tired of applying bottom paint every season. What are people's experiences with water based paints here in the northeast? I was thinking of Pettit Hydrocoat. It's got to work - if there is one thing that's worse than applying bottom paint, it's scraping off barnacles at the end of the season :).
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I have Hydrocoat on a boat that I have owned for three years. It had a one-year-old coat when I bought it. I applied a single full coat the first year, touched up in spots the second year (where power washing stripped it off), and did nothing the third year. Every time I have it hauled the guys working the lift have told me it's among the cleanest in the yard.
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