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Water in transmission fluuid

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Yesterday I went to check-up on things at the boat and found that the Transmission Fluid has turned into a grayish milky substance.

By the little research that I've done it seems to come in through the Saildrive's shaft seal.

Does any body know how serious can this be?

La Bestia

PD: The transmission has not siezed so far.
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While i don't service saildrives i do service powerboat outdrives and its a really serious issue

There is set of gears in the area of the drive under water that make the 90 deg to turn the prop which means its full of water also and most likely has been for a long time :(

I would not use the boat at all
It will be a big job done in dry, with very possibly removed engine and Saildrive. If its recent, then you could just open clean and fix where water entered (mostly shaft seals). If its been a while, then chances are gears and other parts are corroded by now, and sometimes cheaper to replace the entire drive. Another killing factor use to be galvanic corrosion perforating the underwater case. Either way, its a serious problem and must be addressed quickly.
The Solution

The boat had a bad saildrive seal (shaft) that was replaced, the transmission fluid was drained, filled, drained again and re-filled.

Apparently the problem was detected on time and there were no mayor problems to the transmission. :)

La Bestia
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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