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Hello all you Cal lovers. This is my first of MANY questions I will be bringing to you all, about my New To Me 83 Cal 3-27. My dad and I came across a deal we just couldn't pass up on this boat and she is now moored off the end of our friends dock (too shallow at the dock). We got caught in a rainstorm the other day and decided to come inside and put the drop boards in to keep the rain out of the cabin. After about 10 seconds I noticed a steady stream of water coming from the corner of the companionway threshold (I am guessing that is what it is called, but basically where the fiberglass meets the drop boards). I lifted up the boards slightly to see if there was debris causing this, but to my surprise the fiberglass was sloped, probably 5 degrees towards the cabin instead of towards the cockpit. What the heck was Bill Lapworth smoking when he designed this section of the boat? haha I really wish I had a picture of this, but hopefully my description is detailed enough for you to understand the issue at hand.
I just don't see a GOOD way of fixing this without re-glassing that section so it slopes towards the cockpit.

Has anyone else noticed this problem on their boat? If so how did you fix it?

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