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water lift suspect

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Water lift muffler, has yours ever clogged ? Mine was still passing water , but i'm thinking restricted.
Flow to the raw water pump seemed good , raw water pump was good ( rebuilt it anyway ) heat exchanger seemed to flow good . Bought a new mixing elbow .
I haven't run it yet with all the new parts I'm putting it back together today . I'm thinking the only thing I haven't checked is the water lift .
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Mark, regarding the Water Lift bizo .... on our old boat ours developed a leak. when we pulled it out to replace it the damn thing was probably 80% full of crap. Everything worked better after that. Engine (Buhk 24) though was sea water cool so no heat exchange. That thing never ran hot, indeed the problem was alwasy more how to bring it up to temp.

So in short ... ho boy do those things ever collect some garbage over the years.
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