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Does anyone have a favorite website and or app to track weather radar.

I was with a captain recently that took us out on a day sail. The weather was very iffy and the forecast was for 50% or better for rain.

What he did however was to check the radar and see that the storm center was about 50 miles from us and heading our way. I watched the radar and we ended the trip just before the rain started.

Seemed like a good way to finesse the timing.

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My go to apps for weather radar:

Radar US+

For lightning I find the WeatherBug Spark feature to be very accurate.
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Second is Weather Underground. It really doesn't make much difference - it's all based on the same NOAA weather radar systems.
That's true, but, some of the sites have things like probability cones. That is nice to get an idea about where a storm is going. You can do this (and I often do), by looking at the NWS radar in motion, and figuring out what speed the storm is going. It is just easier if the web site does it for you.
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