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I hear ya' Barry. There are lots of things on a boat that either suck or blow, especially engine related components. Weather forecasts mostly suck; only when there is wind do they blow.
However, at least the deed is done and you don't have to worry about your boat being effected by strong autumn winds.

When we first got our boat I had picked out an October weekend day to take our boat the 5 miles to where I planned to keep her over the winter. My unnamed boat partner came along with 2 of his boys. The selected day turned out to be gorgeous, mid 70's (F), sunshine with some wind. It did not suck at all. My boat partner convinced me to just use the day for one final sail - despite the little voice in my head that was telling me the boat needed to be hauled and soon. We enjoyed the day sailing and left the boat on it's mooring until...

A few days later a strong fall storm came up, complete with 40 knot westerly winds which helped to chafe the single mooring pennant we had (always double now). Our boat got loose and got her nose caught under a dock causing considerable damage - enough for insurance to total it (constructive total loss in marine insurance parlance). New bow pulpit, new furler, new jib & some fancy fiberglass work and we had our boat back.

The point of all this rambling? My take away from this was that I need to always listen to that little voice inside my head: we knew our mooring was sub-par, we knew that fall was in the air and we knew that it was darn near time to have her hauled and scheduling that effort was not so easy. Being seduced by one last lovely sail when there was real work to be done and we played the odds and lost.

Please don't lament the loss of one more day on the boat but do try to get your boat in earlier than July next year!

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