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So, today is my last day off in quite a long while. I had most of Saturday clear, too. We had to haul the boat out for the season on one of those days. Since I was working Saturday night, on that day we had time to either prep the boat for hauling or go sailing, but not both. Today, we could have gone for one last sail AND prepped the boat since I have tonight off, too, but the forecast has been calling for rain and winds on the high side of our comfort level, with small craft advisories out a few miles from our home base. Sooo... we hauled on Saturday.
Of course, I get up this morning, check the weather for our area, and the day's forecast indicates cloudy, no rain, and 12 knots. ARRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!
Oh well. We had a beautiful day on Saturday for removing the sails, lines, and various stuff, and we always enjoy being on the boat for any reason. Sure wish we had sailed instead, though! Dang weather....
OK, I feel better now... at least a little...
I've always said that if I was as good at my job (captain) as the weather people are at theirs, I'd sink the boat several times before I even got it out of the slip!
It must be great to be wrong so often and still not get fired.
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