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We're Buyin' A Boat -- Pearson 365

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We are now far enough along in the process that I can't jinx the deal now so I'm happy to report that we are buying a boat!

We found a really nice 1981 Pearson 365 ketch. The boat has been well cared for and maintained by the current owner for the past 11 years. It was repowered in 2004, had a bottom job 2 months ago, and is in really good shape. The boat surveyed well with only minor issues (not bad for a 28 year old boat). The surveyor was actually quite impressed with the boat and kept telling us he really liked what he was seeing. We are closing on October 6.

Now for the obligatory pictures:

Waiting to be hauled out.

Linda checking out the bottom.

Underway during the sea trail.

Linda taking her turn at the helm during the sea trail.
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Very nice boat

It's a very nice boat. Comfortable and very roomy as well as sea-kind. Congratulations!

We have friends with one of you sisterships.
The only problem with our new boat is the name. We are currently struggling to choose a new name.

To me, the name New Fantasy sounds like a strip club...not that there is anything wrong with that. ;)
Ha! I've seen that boat. It's a nice one. Congrats.

Where will you be keeping it?
Ha! I've seen that boat. It's a nice one. Congrats.

Where will you be keeping it?
We plan on moving it to Port Aransas. We live in San Antonio and it is just so much more convenient!
Congradulations on the boat. Hopefully she will serve you well, and keep you proud. A good boat sooner, or later becomes a family member.....BEST WISHES.......i2f
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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