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Looking at the Snow Sport industry ie ski and snowboarding. A number of the block sport stores sell snow gear. As noted, mostly intro to mid level stuff. If you want the really good stuff, you have to for the most part, go to local specialty shops or the ski area if they have a shop. For what it is worth, I've been a ski teacher for over 30 yrs, highest level of certification, along with being an examiner with in the industry. I've also been working at WM in the wholesale side of things. I doubt the local I am at, has people on staff that can sell or do scuba. Other parts of the boating industry yes.....scuba, none of the employees scuba as I understand it.

I would suspect, you would see something equal if the local shops are smart. They will have entry stuff also, maybe some rental gear if that is done in the scuba industry etc too. This also includes better higher end clothing etc too.

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