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I am looking at a 83 sailboat with a Westerbeke 28 motor. It is locked up and need to know if any of you is aware of anyone that has been able to bring back to life a locked engine. I beleive it was submerged at one time. I am mechanical and have a full set of tools and a forklift to remove the engine with. As a hobby,I have rebuild antique cars that laid in a field for 40 years. I can tackle this project.

Are bearings, pistons and valve guides still available for this motor?? I can rebuild a V-8 with $500.00 worth of parts. How expensive can a 4 cyl kit be?? Are Westerbeke parts priced as gold??

Should I repower with another engine. Is there a chart showing possible replacements.
I have time, tools and knowledge:) . I am low on cash.:(

Any advise is welcomed
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